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Hand Held Mixer/Stick Blender
Hand Held Mixer/Stick BlenderHand Held Mixer & Stick Blender Manufacturer/Supplier in Bhuj, Hand Blender Supplier in Bhuj, Hand Blender in Bhuj. We are offering Hand Held Mixers in Bhuj, An appliance to obtain various food products on the basis of the utensil utilized. MIXER to realize minestrone, vegetable puree, sauces, batters, mayonnaise,tomato puree, pesto, etc. Entirely manufactured in stainless steel. WHIPPER to obtain whipped cream, custards, omelets, souffles, etc. Manufactured in stainless steel.

• Highly effective patented cooling system
• Ergonomic handle
• High efficiency motors
• Safety device preventing switching on by mistake
• Trigger switch to continuous blending
• Quick coupling device
• Completely demountable shafts for an accurate
• Cleaning and a longer life
• Completely stainless steel shaft and bell

Dimension(MM) Voltage Power(W) Weight(KG)
230LX270WX430H 220v~380V/50HZ 430 3
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